You Decide: Humanitarian Aid

Author's Note

Lexy Leahy

My name is Lexy Leahy and I am a sophomore at Boise State University in Boise, ID. I originally created this website for my Freshman English class. We were to choose an image that would be the inspiration for our research for the semester. I chose a series of images of CNN anchor Anderson Cooper rescuing a child that had been hit in the head with a brick during a looting in Haiti (see below). I chose these images because I am very interested in politics, the news, and Anderson Cooper. I found this series of images to be a perfect combination of all three. Though my English class is long over, the need for humanitarian aid is not. I know I said this website provides an "unbiased" evaluation of humanitarian aid, and with the exception of this page, it still does. Thank you for visiting my website.